Mouse Gesture programs speed up computer navigation

One of the key ways you can speed up your experience of your computer is by using a mouse gesture program. Using a mouse gesture program you can perform operations you do all the time like closing windows but do them much faster. If you are regularly using a computer mouse then it pays to check into mouse gesture programs.

Normally, when you close a window you have to move your mouse to a particular area of the window like the upper right corner and then click a small target. Kind of tedious! With a mouse gesture program you can just hold down a mouse button where you are in the window and perform the mouse gesture. Job done!

A mouse gesture can be as simple as holding down the right mouse button then making a short down stroke with the mouse. In fact I define this one to close a window or tab. Using my gesture program this action can be used to close any type of open window including browsers, directory listings, system windows, text programs, graphic programs, etc. Having to move your mouse to the upper right corner of the window and then click a small target to close a window is tedious and annoying. Mouse gestures are a joy!

You can use your mouse gesture program in a minimalist way. I define actions for close window or tab, maximize window, minimize window, and scroll to the top of window. I define mouse gestures downstroke, right stroke, left stroke, and up stroke for these actions.

Which gives me 4 actions that work on all windows and completely replace the buttons on the top right of your windows. No need to tediously keep navigating to the upper right part of the window. As well I also implement a scroll to top of page mouse gesture function. Some web sites implement something similar but far from all. The scroll to top mouse gesture works on all web sites!

Mouse gesture program choices

There are a number of free mouse gesture programs that are available. Unfortunately many of the supposed top choices are problematic. For instance, they might work in only one program – the browser. Maybe ok for you, not for me. Or they might require the installation of the fat obsolete .NET framework. They may have no documentation.

Some only work in the browser and only one browser at that. I prefer a mouse gesture program that works windows system wide. I am always opening and closing windows like browsers, directory listings, system windows, graphic programs, audio and video editors, and many more. If you’re like me, one that works only in the browser is too limited.

GMOTE – my choice

I like this one because it works windows system wide and lets me manipulate all windows like close them, maximize them, minimize them, and scroll to the top of them. It allows me to define mouse gestures of my choice and then associate them with a action of my choice. It has a fairly complete documentation and has a very short learning curve to set it up and use it.

You can set a mouse gesture to do a system function like close a window, run a program, open a disk directory, or load a web site. Or you can have it generate a hotkey sequence which allows you to use mouse gestures for any hotkey combination defined in your system or window. These are all predefined functions you can just select from a drop down list. Very easy!

You can also have the mouse gesture do different things depending on what is the current type window. For my down stroke gesture, I define CLOSE WINDOW for the default action, but for windows with tabs like my browser, I have it close the current tab unless it its the last tab then I have it close the window.

This is an older program but very easy to set up and use with a short learning curve. It is very flexible allowing you to run practically any windows function or any function within a window. It is lightweight, no complicated installs, just an exe file. I have been using it for years and can vouch for its stability.

My gmote configuration file:

*I include my own personal gmote configuration file that you can use as a starting point to get up and running. Maybe it will be all you need! It includes gestures for close window or tab, maximize window, minimize window, scroll to top of window, and show desktop. Very simple mouse gestures are defined for all of these functions. With this very minimalist setup I feel I accumulate a lot of time savings, and a lot of the tedium of running my computer is relieved.


HighSign requires the .NET framework, which I don’t have installed and I use for nothing else. I couldn’t find a copy to download that didn’t require .NET installed. I don’t like the idea of installing something so complicated and rated as obsolete that might cause glitches in my system. Also no documentation for HighSign.

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